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Assembly Winder


Machine Features :

Assembly winder with individual length controller and cutter. Cradle lifting with light indication in case of full package or missing end.

Technical Specifications :

No. of Positions/Drums : 24 To 160
No. of Positions/Section        : 8
No. of Ply  : 2/3/4
Stop Motion : Provided
Type : Optical Sensor for Individual End(Ply) with One Electro-Magnetic Cutter per Drum
Cradle Lifting Mechanism : Provided
Type : After the actuation of Electro-Magnetic Cutter, Package gets lifted with Mechanical Stop Motion
Cradle Pkg. Holder : Double Arm Pkg. Holder with Ball Bearing and Adopters
Take-up Package : Parallel Cheese or Cone having conicity up to 4*20’ and length 170mm
Traverse : 150mm
Yarn Content : Up to 2kg
Traverse System : Aluminum Hard Anodized Drum with Ceramic Inserts
Yarn Speed : Up to 800MPM
Individual Length Counter : Electronic Length Counter for Individual Position is provided (Optional)
Anti-Patterning Device : Provided – Electronic
Connected Load : 1.5 to 11 KW
Length : 3890-1090-22420 (12'9"-3'7"-73'7")
Width : 920 (3')
Height : 1660 (5'5")