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High Take-Up


Machine Features :
Sturdy Sheet Metal Frame Structure most suitable for Low Twist TFO gives smooth running at High Take Up and Spindle Speed. Improved design, SS Hard Chrome plated, matt finished & sand blasted spindle pots give better life and min. tension to the yarn. Sturdy Traverse Gear Box, Reduction Gear Box & Twist Change Gears suitable for High Take Up Speed machine. No need to stop the machine for doffing and to loose efficiency. Thanks to Individual Tapering Mechanism which helps in doffing the individual package at any stage without compromising the Package Quality. Controlled & Uniform Package Density best suitable for Dyeing. Angle guided moving trolleys provided on both sides of the machine are helpful for the operation of the upper deck. Machine can also be supplied with the SERVO DRIVE TRAVERSE SYSTEM.

Technical Specifications :

JC - 6 LT TFO Twister
No. of Spindles / M/c. 192 - 24 - 432
Spindle Pot Dia 70 / 80 / 90 / 110
Spindle Pitch 208
Feed Package Cops or Cheese upto 310 mm in length& 115 mm Diameter ( In 110 mm Spindle )
Feed Pkg. Yarn content Upto 2 kg.
Spindle Drive Tangential Belt
Max. Spindle Speed 14,000 RPM (Practical)
Viable Twist Range 80 to 600 TPM
Type of Pkg. / Taper Cylindrical or Biconical Individual Tapering
Take up Pkg. Size 57 / 69 x175mm
Take up Pkg. Yarn Content 2 Kgs.
Max. Take up Speed 100 MPM
Machine Length 41’6” - 4’4” - 84’10”
Machine Width 2’ 8”
Machine Height 6’ 11”
Connected Power 6 H.P. to 25 H.P.
Note : Machine with 130mm Spindle & 230mm take-up tube can also be supplied.