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Yarn Splitting Winder


Machine Features :

Machine is used for making Mono Yarn from the multi filament Mother Yarn. Ensures uniform packages at uniform winding tension. 2/3/4 ply parallel wound (mono) yarn can also be made directly from the Mother Yarn.

Technical Specifications :

JC-2112 YSW Yarn Splitter Winder
  JC -110
Spindle Pitch 150 mm
Take up Cop Length 420 mm - max.
Type of Winding Warp
Yarn Speed Max. 1200 MPM Constant Winding Speed
Spindle Drive Tangential Belt driven by inverter controlled motor
Traverse Speed 4 to 20 Strokes / min.
No. of Spindles :  
Mother Yarn 2 (one on each side)
Product Yarn 2 x 12 or as per requirement (Both sides can be operated independently)
Machine Length 6’8”
Machine Width 3’3”
Connected Load 2.2 H.P.