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Over the past couple years, JC Metal Fab has grown into one of south gujarat’s largest laser cutting/ fabrication companies, with over 200 staff onsite working in our laser, fabrication and machining divisions. JC Metal Fab is able to offer a genuine one-stop-shop service to their customers.

Our Infrastructure includes, state of the art CNC Laser cutting machines, CNC Press Brakes, Hydraulic Shearing Machine, CNC Turning Centres, Cylindrical and Surface Grinders, Boring machine, Deep Drawing Presses and Various types of other conventional machines and presses.

Find below the services we offer at JC Metal Fab

Laser Cutting Services :

Laser cutting is a technology that allows metals to be cut with extreme precision and high speed. Find below the specifications of our CNC operated machine

Metals cut
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
Bed Size: up to 1500x3000mm Mild Steel Laser Cutting: up to 10mm thickness Stainless Steel Laser Cutting: up to 5mm thickness Why Laser Cutting
  • The reasons for laser cutting popularity include
  • The accuracy of the cut part achievable
  • The repeatiblity and consistency of the process
  • The level of detail achievable
  • The range of materials which can be processed
  • The speed of the process
  • The cost of parts
  • The ease of changing parts (particularly when compared to hard tooling etc)
  • The lack of physical contact during the process
  • The small heat affected zone

Waterjet Cutting Service :

A waterjet is a versatile and flexible machining tool. You can cut a wide variety of material efficiently and cost-effective and can create a wide variety of parts

Metals Cut
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Laminated material
  • Brittle material
  • Flammable material
Bed Size Thickness

Bending Machines :

Bending Capacity- 100tonnes

Machining Services :

Below is a list of machines we have at our facilities CNC Turning Centre- up to dia 250mm Grinding- Cylindrical and Surface Grinding Boring Machines Milling Machines Drilling Machines Conventional Lathes Bending Capacity- 100tonnes

Die Making :

Our well equipped tool room supplies both our internal needs and external customers requirements for jigs, fixtures and prototype manufacturing We have a team of engineers and technicians, in-house, who are involved in every step of the die making process. We have perfected the die making process in order to achieve maximum production of the highest quality. We manufacture dies for
  • Aluminum Pressure Die Casting
  • Deep Drawing
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Power Presses

Electrical Enclosure :

As a precision metal fabricator, we are experts in the design and manufacture of electrical enclosures of stainless steel and mild steel in almost any shape and size We have the capacity to manufacture electrical enclosure that most closely meets the needs of your electrical application

Architect/ Interior design work :

We help Interior Designers and Architects with custom solutions and standard products. We can help you personalize projects with beautiful custom laser cut products for your clients.

Why US ?

JCMF offers a new and advanced service in metal cutting and profiling of metals. Based in Surat, Gujarat we will offer both a local and national delivery service. Easy fast service - Email us a DXF or DWG file in 1 to 1 scale of the profile you require. Please put ‘Sales Inquiry’ in the subject line. Tell us the material, thickness, the quantity you need and if the scale is in mm or inches. We will email a quote back by return. If you like the price, send us a Purchase Order. In a few days your parts will be ready for collection or delivered direct to you. Thats it. We hold large stocks of Mild Steels and Stainless Steel sheet and plate.

For Inquiry:

Mr. Jashraj      +91-98251 41776  info@jcmachine.com

For Custom Design Inquiry: