Deluxe Filament Yarn
Deluxe Filament Yarn
Deluxe Filament Yarn

Machine Features :

  • Optimised machine design for finer & medium range denier.
  • Ideal spindle design for low to high twist.
  • Totally enclosed & evenly lubricated cam box.
  • Provision for take-up on paper tube or double flanged bobbin(Roll).
  • Axial shifting mechanism with anti pattern device for smooth traverse and even package built.
  • All gears and shafts fitted with ball bearing to ensure smooth running of the machine.
  • Designed uniquely for low energy consumption and maintenance.
  • Sturdy steel fabricated structure with powder coating.
  • S.S. Pot with special surface finish ensures longer life in all atmospheric conditions.

Technical Specifications :

Deluxe Filament Yarn TFO Technical Specifications