2-3 Ply Twister

Process :

  • Preparation of feed package on Cops Winder.
  • Primary twisting as well as 2/3 ply parallel winding on double flange bobbin in single process.
  • Feeding Double Flanged Bobbin produced on primary twisting to secondary twisting.
  • Secondary twisting is in reverse direction say if primary twist is in ‘S’ direction, secondary twisting has to be carried out in ‘Z’ direction.
  • Final package of the thread can be taken in bi-conical or straight cheese shape.
Embroidery / Sewing Thread Layout

Machine Features :

  • Fabricated plate structure gives better alignment, smoother running, improves aesthetic values.
  • Uniform yarn tension and directly assembled package results in better quality thread.
  • Yarn Sensors & Cutters prevents single yarn entry, in turn prevents defective packages, improves working & efficiency.
  • Balanced flyers allow higher take-up speeds, in turn higher productivity.
  • Hard-chrome plated, sand blasted optimized design S.S. Spindles gives better life, reduces power consumption & exerts gentle touch to yarn.
  • Minimized material handling implies better quality at minimum labour cost & minimum yarn wastage.
  • Possibility of selection of combination or separate machines for primary & secondary twisting.

Technical Specifications :

Embroidery / Sewing Thread Technical Specifications
Embroidery / Sewing Thread Technical Specifications