High Bulk TFO Twister
High Bulk TFO Machine Dimensions

Machine Features

  • JC-6 HBY machine has been designed for continuous twisting and heat setting of Polyester or Polyamide (Nylon) yarn. Crimp in the yarn is set at a controlled temperature and at almost Zero Yarn Tension. This yarn is soft wound on a package suitable for dyeing.
  • Up to down yarn path ensures uniform stretch in the yarn and minimum tension during winding making the package with best possible softness.
  • This machine is supplied with spindle pot dia of 150 and 175 mm so as to accommodate the package produced on the Texturising machine. Bigger spindles can also be supplied on request.
  • Machine is equipped with separate drives for spindles and various shafts, servo drive for traverse mechanism. All these are synchronized and controlled thru PLC. Machine parameters and operations are controlled with the help of touch screen HMI which is operator friendly. No need to change any pulleys or gears to achieve the desired quality results.

Technical Specifications :

High Bulk TFO Technical Specifications