Lycra Warping for Narrow Fabric
Lycra Warping for Narrow Fabric
Lycra Warping for Narrow Fabric

Machine Features:

  • Electronically controlled Warping machine for Lycra, Spandex, Latex, Single or Double Covered Elastic Yarn
  • Different zones like Creel, Pre-tension Roller and Winding Mechanism are equipped with individual motors controlled with A C Variable Drives, synchronized thru PLC and operated with the help of HMI
  • Positive Elastic Thread Feeding Arrangement
  • Uniform Tension on all threads, thanks to Pre-tension Roller Device
  • Positively Driven Beam
  • Constant Winding Speed maintaining uniform yarn tension
  • Yarn Break stop motion
  • Reverse winding provision

Technical Specifications :

No of Ends 48, 96, 144
Warping Speed Upto 300 MPM
Beam Dia Upto 500 mm
Beam Traverse Upto 500 mm
Connected Load Total 3.75 KW with 3 A C Inverter Drives
Machine Dimensions
Beam Winder L: 820 mm, W: 1300 mm, H: 1200 mm
Pre – Tensioner L: 730 mm, W: 1000 mm, H: 1200 mm
(a) Creel 48 Ends L: 1580 mm, W: 900 mm, H: 1950 mm
(b) Creel 96 Ends L: 2665 mm, W: 900 mm, H: 1950 mm
(c) Creel 144 Ends L: 3750 mm, W: 900 mm, H: 1950 mm
Recommended distance
Between Creel & Pre-tensioner is 2000 mm
Between Pre-tensioner & Beam winder 800 mm