Machine Features :

  • Sturdy Sheet Metal structure most suitable for twisting heavy denier yarn for industrial application.
  • Low twist TFO gives smooth running at high take up and spindle speed.
  • Can twist nylon, polyester and poly propylene yarn having denier as high as 10,000.
  • Machine is designed to feed cheese of 300mm dia.
  • Controlled & uniform packages density to produce 10 kgs knotless packages.
  • Separate AC drives for spindle and Take-up Mechanism.
  • Servo Drive for Traverse mechanism.
  • All the servo Drive and AC Drives are controlled & synchronized with the help of PLC.
  • No need to change any Gear of motor pulleys for changing TPM of Spindle Speed.
  • Thanks to the touch screen HMI provided to carry out all the settings precisely and instantly.
  • Low man power and maintenance cost.
  • Lower power cost because of minimum frictional / mechanical losses.
  • Electronic stop motion provided for the safety of machine and operators.

Technical Specifications :

300mm Pot Industrial Thread Technical Specifications

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