Technical Specifications :

No. of Positions/Drums 24 To 160
No. of Positions/Section 8
Stop Motion Provided, on detection of any missing end, package gets lifted.
Cradle Pkg. Holder Double Arm Pkg. Holder with Ball Bearing and Adopters
Take-up Package Parallel Cheese or Cone having conicity up to 4*20’ and length 170mm
Traverse 150mm
Yarn Content Up to 2kg
Traverse System Aluminum Hard Anodized Drum with Ceramic Inserts
Yarn Winding Speed Up to 800MPM
Individual Length Counter Electronic Length Counter for Individual Position is provided (Optional)
Anti-Patterning Device Provided – Electronic
Connected Load 1.5 to 11 KW
Motors Provided with the machine
A. C. Variable Drives Provided for main motors to vary the winding speed (Optional)
Machine Dimensions
Length 12’9” 3’7” 73’7”
Width —————– 3′ —————–
Hight —————– 5’5″ —————–