Compact TFO Cotton / Spun Yarn TFO Twister
Compact TFO Cotton / Spun Yarn TFO Machine Dimensions
Compact TFO Cotton / Spun Yarn TFO Machine Dimensions

Machine Features :

  • This is compact machine having width of just 600mm as against the normal 900mm wide machines available in the market saving expensive floor space.
  • Machine is equipped with 2 spindle motors at both ends of the machine driven with a single tangential belt. It helps to maintain uniform belt tension on both sides of the machine which ensures lower TPI CV. Double motor helps us to select lesser thickness(more flexible) belt and machine can work smoothly at lower belt tension. All these factors result into lower power consumption.
  • Take-up mechanism is driven by a separate motor
  • All the spindle motors and take-up motors are driven with AC Variable Frequency Drives (Inverters) which are synchronized with the help of PLC
  • Touch Screen Panel(HMI) provided on the head-stock is used for setting, changing and display of machine parameters
  • There is no need for changing any motor pulleys or machine pulleys for changing the spindle speed
  • There is no need to change any gears for changing the TPI/TPM
  • All these settings are changed very quickly saving expensive man power and machine down time. Chances of error are minimized as the settings are changed by the educated and responsible supervisor of the department.
  • Overall maintenance cost is much lower
  • Machine is provided with mechanical CLM i.e. Cradle lifting Mechanism to lift the cone in case of any yarn breakage which is not the case with other manufacturer of narrow width machines. Generally they don’t provide this mechanism or they supply pneumatic lifting at a very exorbitant price as optional device. Whereas in our machine it is a built-in feature to ensure consistent quality of the yarn even at the time of yarn breakage or cheese change.
  • By installing some optional items this machine is capable to produce soft packages of the twisted yarn suitable for package dyeing
Compact TFO Cotton / Spun Yarn
Compact TFO Cotton / Spun Yarn

Technical Specifications :

Compact TFO Cotton / Spun Yarn TFO Technical Specifications